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Coffee preparation and recipes

Have you bought a wonderful José Opita Café and would like to prepare it in a different way?


Here you can see the methods of preparation we recommend for coffee with the typical appliances in the house as well as exciting and delicious recipes to try out at home.


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Making coffee

Coffee water

A prepared coffee consists largely of water and most people use the water from the tap to prepare it. This differs in taste and ingredients from region to region.  

In order not to impair the quality of your coffee through the quality of the water, we recommend that you use a simple water filter and filter the water from the coffee before preparing it. This also works very well for other beverages such as tea.

In countries where the water comes chlorinated from the tap, we recommend using still water from the supermarket to prepare coffee.


Moca Express

An espresso pot or moka can be found in almost every household. The pot can be used to prepare an intense coffee, but not an espresso.  ​

1. Preheat water (optional) and then fill it just below the valve.  

2. Pour medium-fine ground coffee up to the edge of the funnel, screw the jug together and place it on the stove.

3. Heat on low to medium heat on the stove.

4. As soon as the jug starts to hiss, the brewing process is complete. The jug should now be quickly removed from the stove and cooled down with cold water, for example. This will prevent a bitter or burnt taste in the coffee. 

Gießen Kaffee

Filter coffee

Filter coffee is the classic among the preparation methods in this country. When properly prepared, you get excellent taste experiences from your specialty coffees with filter coffee.  ​


1. Heat the water to approx. 90-94 °, moisten the filter with the hot water and rinse through.

2. Freshly grind coffee with a medium grind. We recommend 6g of coffee to 100ml of water.

3. Pour coffee into the filter and add approx. 1/3 of the water, wait 30 seconds. During this step, carbon dioxide escapes from the coffee (the coffee bubbles). If that doesn't happen, it is a sign that the coffee is no longer fresh.  

4. Pour in the remaining water gradually until the brewing process is complete . This should take about 3-4 minutes. If you need more / less time, the grind must be selected accordingly coarser / finer. 

French Press

Coffee from the French press is characterized by a full taste and more body. For us, this is a simple and often underestimated way of preparing coffee.  ​

1. Grind coffee from medium to coarse and pour it into the French Press - we recommend approx. 6g of coffee in 100ml of water.

2. Heat the water to 90 ° - 94 ° and then fill it into the French press.

3. Let it steep for four minutes, then break the crust on top with a spoon and stir.

4. Skim off the foam, then put on the stamp and slowly press down. 


Espresso Machine

A whole range of coffee beverages can be prepared with a portafilter. In the portafilter a certain amount of coffee (grinding degree very fine) is made in a certain time with high pressure  pushed through the coffee more. This makes a strong, concentrated coffee beverage that works as a base for numerous other beverages.

Below you will find the instructions for preparing a double espresso, an americano and the classic cappuccino.

Like in Colombia

In Colombia, especially in the countryside, coffee is prepared even in a very traditional way.

1. Bring the desired amount of water to the boil in a vessel on the stove.

2. Add coffee, turn off the stove and wait about a minute for the coffee to settle.

Sounds very simple? It is - clearly demonstrated here in our video by María Eugenia from Finca Piaya Cayana.


Coffee recipes


According to the standard, between 20 and 30 ml of water are required for a perfect espresso (temperature between 86 and 90 °) and pressed through the coffee at a pressure of between 8 and 10 bar. Between 6.5 to 7.5 grams of very finely ground beans should be used and the process should take between 20 to 30 seconds.

Our tip: Prepare espresso according to the rule of thumb 1: 2.5 - for every gram of coffee in the machine, 2.5x as much drink should be extracted in 25 to 30 seconds. We recommend that you always extract double espresso, as most portafilter allows more consistent extractions with the larger sieves.



He is considered the most balanced combination of milk and coffee and we drink very much like a well-made cappuccino.


You need a normal to large coffee cup and a vessel for frothing milk.

1. The basis is a simple espresso, which is best extracted directly into the cappuccino cup.

2. Froth milk up to approx. 60 to 65 ° C. The milk should therefore not boil.

3. Pour milk foam onto the espresso from above until the cup is almost full.

4. You can now decorate the surface with the milk as you wish - there are no limits to your latte art skills.

Café Creme

Café creme is a drink that is particularly popular in Switzerland and is often served in restaurants. Compared to espresso, more water is pressed longer through the ground coffee for preparation.


1. Put about 16 grams of coffee in a portafilter. Do not grind coffee as finely as you would with espresso.

2. Let about 120 ml of water run through the coffee in 25 to 30 seconds.


Our tip: If you want to enjoy a "longer" coffee drink instead of espresso, try a Café Americano instead. 



The consistency of the Americano is similar to filter coffee and its taste is closer to that of espresso. Perfect for a longer, but still intense coffee taste.  

1. Fill a normal coffee cup (120 ml) approx. 2/3 full with hot (90-94 °) water.  

2. Extract the double espresso from above into the cup according to the recipe.  

Our tip: first fill the cup with water and then add the Doppio to get a nice crema on the coffee.  

More about Cafe Americano can be found here.

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