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Coffee from an authentic family business


Our company name José Opita Café is made up of the first name of Don José, the grandfather of our company founder, and the word Opita, which describes the people from the Colombian region of Huila.

There, where José Opita Café has its origin and where coffee cultivation has always played a special role in people's lives.


Don José was born in La Plata (Huila), Colombia, in 1943. He spent his childhood on the family's coffee farm and supported the family on their finca as a young boy.

When Don José was 16 years old, his father died, leaving land to his descendants. Don José built his own finca on this land, where he grew excellent coffee for many years and where his granddaughter also spent many happy hours of her childhood in nature.

Café has always been a ritual for the family, fun for the children and a way to teach family tradition and pass it on to the next generation.


José Opita Café follows this tradition.

We have made it our business to carry this excellent coffee out into the world. Coffee that you share with friends and that becomes a special experience for everyone.

Just like Don José would have done.

La Plata (Huila) today

Our family still lives rooted in the small town of La Plata, Huila. This beautiful music video from a local musician gives a good impression of the city and region.

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