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Get to know our coffee farmers from Colombia



Our promise of quality

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At José Opita, we firmly believe that passion, dedication and care are reflected in the quality of a product.

That is why we apply these standards to ourselves and also demand them from our family members and partners in coffee cultivation.

The coffee from Jose Opita Café is 100% Colombian coffee of excellent quality , grown either by coffee farmers from our own family or selected partners. That this fair of equip goes, goes without saying. So that you can see it for yourself, every coffee from José Opita is completely traceable to the producer and our value chain is completely transparent. Find out more about the purchase prices and further details of our cafes in our transparency report.

Our partners in coffee cultivation


Obando, San Agustín, Huila, Colombia

The Finca Piaya Cayana by Eliécer and María Eugenia Ángel is located in the foothills of the Colombian Andes in the south of the Huila Department. They grow excellent coffee of the Tabi, Borbon Rosado and Variedad Colombia varieties at an altitude of 1,730 meters. We currently have the Café El Amanecer by Eliécer and María Eugenia in our program.

Eliécer and María Eugenia also have build a small guest house to receive visitors at their farm (see the house with the red roof on the picture).

If you are interested, just contact us directly and we will arrange the details for a visit!

San Isidro, La Plata, Huila, Colombia

Also in the Colombian Andes in the center of the Huila department near the small town of La Plata you find the Finca El Higueron from the Saavedra family at 1,750 meters. In the past fifty years they have expanded the finca from a small business with one hectare of land to a considerable size. The Finca El Higueron is a prime example of sustainable agriculture in harmony with nature - an entire hectare of land in the center of the finca is not used for coffee or other cultivation. They maintained a piece of natural rainforest protecting the area against soil erosion, which also gives other benefits to the surrounding areas of land.

The Saavedra family mainly grows coffee of the Castillo, Typica and Variedad Colombia varieties. You can order the their Delicado café at our store.

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