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Buy coffee directly for your business


Show quality awareness

Excellent quality is one of your core characteristics ? Are you characterized by high reliability and attention to the important details ?

Inspire customers

Then your customers will be delighted when you greet them with an excellent specialty coffee.

Kollegen arbeiten zusammen

Live appreciation

Show your employees special appreciation and offer José Opita Café in your office or business premises.

Act responsibly

Set a visible sign of sustainability, environmental and social awareness.

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Talk to us now!

We work directly with companies and make sure that you never run out of our excellent café.

  • In the store you can order café right in larger quantities (eg variant Delicado (Business) 1Kg).

  • Would you prefer to place a standing order and receive a café, for example weekly or monthly ? No problem, just speak to us directly .

  • We are also happy to make an appointment to do a tasting together and to discuss the details.

Do you have any further questions? You can find our contact information here !

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