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Overview of our partners in retail and catering

On this page you will find a compilation of our most important partners in retail and restaurants.

Local Minds

Local Minds stands for products with meaning and quality and only sells products from local designers and manufacturers. They pay attention to a sustainable production method. They want more appreciation for local product design and have set themselves the goal of promoting more than a thousand local labels.

At the same time, they offer sustainable and locally oriented consumers an online shop that exclusively offers sustainably inspired and carefully selected products.

We think - Local Minds suits us well, that's why our coffee is also available in the Local Minds shop.

More about Local Minds at

Cubiertos de madera


The Kaffeewerkstadt is a coffee shop for coffee, coffee accessories and portafilter machines in Zurich Wiedikon.


They are coffee enthusiasts and interested in the different preparation methods, the complex aromas of an espresso and the story behind the coffee bean.
All of the products in their store are tested and rated by them. They want to advise their customers honestly, fairly and comprehensively.

When choosing a product, they focus on quality. They only offer products that they are convinced of and that they can recommend.

They pay special attention to their coffee: it is important to them that the quality is right and that they can offer the greatest possible transparency. This concerns the type of cultivation (Demeter, organic, etc.), fair trade (direct trade), the cultivation areas (single origin), the types of coffee and the roasting.


You can find the coffee factory town here

Allpa Kula

Behind Allpa Kula are Felix and Mayra. You have founded a small company in Marthalen and produce sustainable, handcrafted cocoa products of the highest quality, such as bean to bar chocolate, drinking chocolate and cocoa nibs.

Its aim is to promote biological diversity, both in the region in Switzerland and in the places where cocoa is grown (such as in Ecuador  the homeland of Mayra), as well as to create awareness for regenerative agriculture. To do this, they set the highest quality and sustainability standards at every step - from cultivation to consumption.


For example, the cocoa comes from regenerative agroforestry systems. On the one hand, habitats for rare animal and plant species are created on the plantations themselves, on the other hand they serve as buffer and networking zones for surrounding protected areas. They want to continue this concept not only in the places where cocoa is grown, but also here in Switzerland.  

Do you fancy a delicious chocolate with your coffee? Then take a look at Allpa Kula.

Las muestras de cerveza


The passion that we bring with us from José Opita Café for coffee was developed by the Beerhub team for beer.

Behind is a dynamic team made up of befriended beer lovers from all over Switzerland.

They have set themselves the goal of discovering nano and micro breweries and presenting their beers. is an online platform that sells high-quality beers from Swiss nano and micro breweries. These breweries are currently difficult to access for most consumers, are known regionally and are not mainstream breweries.

The Beerhub hub is also located in our small, innovative quarter in Wallisellen and in the Beerhub shop you can buy our coffee in a bundle with wonderful Swiss beers from microbreweries.

Go to the Beer Hub at

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