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José Opita Café coffee plan terms & conditions

1. Delivery frequency

By sending the order form for the coffee plan, the recipient specified in the form will now periodically receive the selected amount of coffee from José Opita Café. The first delivery is made within 2 to 3 days, subsequent deliveries will take place in accordance with the options selected in the plan. 


You can also adjust the delivery frequency later by sending an e-mail to or using our contact form .


2. Cancellation of the coffee plan


The coffee plan can be canceled at any time by e-mail to or via our contact form on the homepage stating your name, your e-mail address and the coffee recipient. After the cancellation you will receive a cancellation confirmation by email and you will not receive any further deliveries of coffee.


3. Costs and invoicing of the coffee plan


The coffee plan is billed monthly by email to the contact person specified in step four of the form. The monthly costs result from the selected coffee option in combination with the selected delivery frequency . For example

  • Coffee plan Delicado with a delivery frequency of every 14 days costs CHF 22 plus CHF 6 shipping fee

  • Coffee plan El Amanecer with a delivery frequency of every 7 days costs CHF 48 plus CHF 12 shipping fee

4. Termination in the event of default in payment

We reserve the right to terminate the coffee plan in the event of non-payment or default.



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