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Create a coffee plan

1. Select coffee

El Amanecer


A fresh, delicious café. Fruity, brilliant and with a hint of fresh honey .

An ideal start to the day you want more.


For El Amanecer we have developed a specialty roasting profile so that it results in a wonderful filter / French press coffee.


Café Arabica - Bourbon Rosado / Caturra Blend, Honey


Cultivated in Obando, San Agustín, Huila, Colombia (1,730m) on the Finca Piaya Cayana by Eliécer and María Eugenia Ángel.

12 CHF / Package
add. 3 CHF shipping / package



Full-bodied and full of energy. Chocolate, sweet, brown sugar, rounded off with a pleasantly mild, sour note. 

Our delicious Café Delicado is ideal for espresso and café creme, but can of course also be prepared as filter coffee.


Café Arabica - Colombia / Castillo / Typica Blend, Washed


Cultivated on the Finca El Higueron San Isidro (1,750m), La Plata, Huila, Colombia.

Refined in Switzerland.

11 CHF / Package

add. 3 CHF shipping / package

2. Select grinding

3. Determine the delivery frequency

The first delivery takes place within two to three days, each subsequent delivery then takes place depending on the selected delivery frequency.

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